From Nigeria to the World: Osun Osogbo Groove, A Must Visit World Heritage Site

For some years now, One of Nigeria’s prominent archaeologists, Akin Ogundiran has been doing great work in Nigeria. The Osogbo groove is located in the state of Osun, Southwest Nigeria. The state used to be part of the present-day Oyo state before its separation. The groove is located in the state capital Osogbo. The site (Ohuntoto) was identified to be

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Did you know that Nigeria’s Archaeological resources are enough for the country to thrive in tourism? Did you know that the oldest human remain found in Nigeria was discovered in a cave in Ondo state? He is known as the Iwo Eleru Man. Are you also aware that Benin and the Ijebu Kingdom have the largest monument in terms of

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Sungbo’s Eredo

Recently, researchers from The University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, and The College ofย William and Mary, USA have been working on an 180km long earthwork known as Sungbo Eredo. Sungbo Eredo surrounds the whole of Ijebu Kingdom and is know to have been built before the 15th century. The massive construction illustrates the sophisticated level of urbanization in the West

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