Did you know?

Did you know that Nigeria’s Archaeological resources are enough for the country to thrive in tourism? Did you know that the oldest human remain found in Nigeria was discovered in a cave in Ondo state? He is known as the Iwo Eleru Man. Are you also aware that Benin and the Ijebu Kingdom have the largest monument in terms of the amount of earth moved, in Africa? The size of these earthworks contest size with the Pyramid of Giza (shocked?).

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Did you know that the Nok culture found in north central Nigeria (Jos Plateau) provides the oldest known example of terracotta sculpture in West Africa? Dates from 2500-800 B.P (500 BC to 200 AD). Did you know that an archaeological site called Taruga is the oldest iron-working site in Sub-Saharan Africa? It has now been firmly dated to 600 BC.

Over 95% of Nigerians know nothing about Nigerian archaeology or about the Nigerian past, and it is our desire to publish in plain language archaeological discoveries in Nigeria. Nigerianarchaeology.com, thus, is committed to explaining to the general public, the findings of archaeologists in Nigeria.Β Have you heard of the Ife Art, and Civilizations, Old Oyo Ruins, Igbo Ukwu, etc.? Nigeria has rich past, and you must be aware of this reality.

It is disheartening that our past is shrouded in mystery, it is painful that negligence and ignorance further leave our past in oblivion, but archaeology is the illumination needed to take a gaze into our past. Archaeology helps the people to take cognizance of such past as not being in isolation but is isomorphic with the present and valid for the future.

This website will report past archaeological discoveries and ongoing ones being researched by seasoned archaeologists from Nigerian Institutions and around the world.

Stay Glued!!!


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