Secondary School Students want to know more about Archaeology (Video)

Many archaeologists who ended up being one never knew the meaning of the course at the early stage of their career. Today, it is hard to see an archaeologist who has not contributed largely to the understanding of our past in any way. Today Nigeria can boast of over 20 archaeologists in Diaspora and more than 200 in the country. Despite this, there are more sites to be explored than the number of personnel.

There is thus the need to educate people from secondary schools about archaeology so that they can develop this interest and subsequently thrive at it. More so, it can be taught as a part of History and should require a very minor alteration in the history curriculum. This would be a solid foundation for their studies in the University.

We have got history beyond historical documents. Can a secondary school student talk about Ife Bronze, Igbo Ukwu, etc ? NO. Ithink Archaeology can provide answers to many of our questions. With archaeology at a very early stage, students would be evenly distributed upon their University applications. With archaeology, more Nigerians will stop to call archaeologists architects. With archaeology, history written on the walls will not be destroyed by daily construction works. Indeed, archaeology needs more recognition that there is.

Should archaeology be taught in Nigerian Secondary Schools? Lets know your thoughts.


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